Self-Assessment Returns for Individuals & Self Employed

A bit about Self Assessments

Self-Assessment tax is a way that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) collects income tax from Sole Traders and individuals that do not get paid through their employer. It is managed the as the tax year so from the 6th April until the 5th April the following year.

Once the tax year has ended you should receive a letter from HMRC asking you to complete a Self- Assessment form for the previous tax year. The deadline for submitting your online return is the 31st January. If you miss the deadline for submitting or paying your tax bill there could be a penalty.

You are legally required to complete a Self-Assessment form if during the last tax year you have been self-employed, renting out a property or even if you are being asked to complete one by HMRC.

How can we help you?

We are able to assist individuals, Sole Traders, Self Employed or Property Landlords by preparing your return on your behalf and sending this to you for your approval. We will then let you know how much you need to pay to HMRC and by what date. So while we are working on your return this gives you the time back to focus on your business.

We really do encourage regular bookkeeping, but we do understand that you may not have had the time, so if you would like us to we can help get you all set up on Xero and bring your accounts up to date. We can do this for you.

Please note we are not able to assist with some of the sections on your self-assessment. These include Trusts, Foreign Income, Capital Gains and Residence and Remittance basis.